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Oz Trolls Fetterman By Airing Shaky Debate on Loop Outside of Event With Biden

AP Photo/Photo by Patrick Semanksy, Left, and David Dremer, Right

In the last-minute effort to win back the trust of Democratic voters in Pennsylvania, a GOP Senate candidate held a Democratic fundraiser with President Joe Biden. 


However, his Republican opponent, Dr. Mehmet Oz, was not going to let voters forget about Fetterman’s shaky performance during their only debate. 

Outside of the event, Oz parked a mobile billboard highlighting Fetterman’s stumbling and poor performance from the night. 

“Pennsylvanians deserve to see this debate as much as possible since John Fetterman ducked six others,” Oz’s communications director Brittany Yanick said in a statement announcing the billboard, adding “he won’t be able to escape it during his fundraiser with the inflator-in-chief.”

During a segment on Fox News with Bryan Llenas, the billboard passed by playing the debate on loop as Biden did his best to assure Pennsylvania voters Fetterman is capable of doing the job.

However, it is almost like the blind leading the blind. Biden, who almost always never knows where he is, is telling a crowd to vote for a man who recently just had a stroke where it is obvious he is not in good health to hold the Senate seat. 


“Everything’s at stake in just 11 days,” Biden said during the event with Fetterman, “it’s not hyperbole to suggest all eyes are on Pennsylvania. So much is at stake for this state, for this country we all love.”

The two seem like they will continue to troll each other right up until the day of the elections. Fetterman put up his own billboards calling Oz a "Cowboy's fan," doing his best to paint him as a New Jersey native. 

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