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Trump Warns Texas Voters Of the Dangers Of Biden’s Border

AP Photo/Matt York

Former President Trump makes one last bid to Texas voters to warn them about the dangers at the border. 

Hey During the 90 minute rally, Trump focused on the southern border, telling the audience that President Joe Biden ‘s open border policies caused a massive spike of crime and drugs to enter the country. 


“Since the end of the Trump administration, the drug cartels have seen their revenues skyrocket by an astounding 2,500%. If they were a Wall Street company, their stock would be through the roof from $500 million to last year, $13 billion in one year,” Trump said. 

Trump blamed the rising crime on the amount drugs being brought over freely into the U.S., which he says happens because of the lax border restrictions. 

“A lot of the crime that we have — the robberies and all of the different things — they are caused by drugs,” said Trump. “You end that, you end the drug situation coming into your country. You’ll end 75-80% of the crime coming into America,” Trump told the crowd. 

In the last year over 2,378,944 illegal migrants, the highest record ever, have entered the country at the hands of Biden woke Democratic policies. 

However, the night before Trump’s rally, the Biden administration released data from the revealing the declining situation at the border.

Meanwhile, over one million illegal migrants have been released from Border Patrol custody into the interior of the U.S., rather than being detained through court proceedings or returned to countries of origin.

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