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AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Everything President Joe Biden touches turns to dust. He was handed a country with a recovering economy, cities where crime was under control, a secure border, and a time when people can afford to live. All he had to do was nothing. But he didn’t, and now the U.S. is at one of its worst times in history. 


Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) has had enough of the Democratic Party making excuses and covering up Biden’s many bluffs and mistakes. 

Talking to Jesse Watters during his Fox News Primetime show, Kennedy said that Americans no longer believe Biden’s lies when he says his policies are improving the state of the country. 

“The American people have learned over the past 20 months that if you want something screwed up, President Biden is your man,” Kennedy said, adding “it has been 20 months of misery and vexation and Homer Simpson goes to Washington. I mean, pick your issue. The infrastructure bill, COVID, crime, the border, Congress, the economy, inflation, gas prices, Afghanistan, baby formula, for God’s sake.”

In a tweet, Kennedy called out the trillions of dollars Biden is spending on “woke projects” that aren’t needed, shrinking his state’s resident’s wallets tremendously. 

The senator then pointed out how even the media is laughing in Biden’s face, saying that they have created a caricature out of him. 

“They have turned our president into a caricature of this nice elderly gentleman — maybe on a day pass from a nursing home — happily eating ice cream and wandering around the country saying, ‘Well, the economy is slowing and prices are rising, and your 401Ks are crashing because the economy is so good and my policies are so good.’ And nobody is believing it. Because it’s not true,” Kennedy said. 


According to a recent ABC News-Washington Post poll, more than half of Americans want Biden out of the White House, while just 35 percent think it would be a good idea for him to serve a second term. 

“A majority of Americans believe that if you put the Biden Administration in charge of the Sahara Desert, it would quickly run out of sand,” Kennedy said. 

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