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AP Photo/Susan Walsh

After just two years of Democrats holding control of the White House, Americans are ready for a change, they don’t like the path President Joe Biden is pusing the country in. 


According to a Fox News poll, 54 percent of Americans believe the country is moving away from capitalism and towards socialism, and 60 percent say that such move would be a bad thing for the nation. 

Only 32 percent of voters think socialism would be a good thing. Those people probably have posters of Bernie Sanders hung up on their walls, the same people who also had nothing better to do than loot and destory buildings during the Democrat-fueled 2020 riots. 

Additionally, the poll asked voters which of the two messages they would say to the government given the chance: “lend me a hand” or “leave me alone.” 

Majority of voters, 52 percent, said they would ask they government to “lend them a hand,” which is up from 44 percent in 2021. 

The survery found that Democrats are much more likely than Republicans to ask the government for a handout. 

As Bidenflation continues to soar and gas prices reach a new record high, more Americans are looking to lean on the federal government for help. 

In 2021 the same question was asked. 47 percent of voters answered “leave me alone,” compared to 43 percent in 2022. 

However a whopping 60 percent of Republicans want the government to stay out of their lives, compared to 26 percent of Democrats.

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