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CNN Admits Media is Giving Fetterman a Pass

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

A CNN host is admitting that the media is giving Democratic Lt. Gov. John Fetterman (D-Penn.) a pass as the race to midterms heats up. 

Host S.E. Cup believes the media is taking it easy on Fetterman compared to his Republican opponent Dr. Mehmet Oz when it comes to several issues. 


“I feel like the media gives them a pass on because they like him more than Dr. Oz,” Cupp said while appearing on a segment of CNN Newsroom. 

She claimed that Oz wasn’t the best possible candidate for Pennsylvanians, even though Fetterman’s health is not looking too good. 

“I think conservatives and Republicans in Pennsylvania probably deserve a better candidate, but they didn’t get one. I will say, you know, I think this speaks to a larger problem for John Fetterman, which is that he and his campaign have at times been misleading,” Cupp said, adding “and Oz is down.”

Meanwhile, former Rep. Charlie Dent (R-Penn) agreed that the media is unfairly covering Fetterman and Oz by showing constant support for the Democrat. 

“I think this is a Republican candidate who was refusing to debate an open Senate seat. That would be a human rights violation and the media,” Dent said, adding “I think that — you know, look, I think that — that Fetterman wants to run this campaign through social media. Well, you know, you can’t do the job as a senator from social media… and he does have some serious issues and I think he’s got to come clean, you know, just with what’s — what’s happening here and let — let the voters make the decision as to whether or not he’s — he’s fit enough.”


Additionally, the liberal network’s chief medical doctor made excuses for Fetterman’s stumbling words. 

Dr. Sanjay Gupta claimed that Fetterman is “fairly fluent” while he speaks. 

“Listening to him, he sounded like he was fairly fluent in his speech, able to speak pretty clearly. Every now and then he would have a little word sort of mash-up, as he calls it,” Gupta said. 

The Democrat candidate suffered a stroke in early May. Since then, Oz has noted that Fetterman is not mentally capable of being in the Senate seat. During the pair’s first televised campaign, Fetterman had to use closed captioning to answer the questions, proving that he is not fully intact. 

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