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Senate Republicans Warn Parents of Halloween 'Rainbow' Fentanyl

Customs and Border Protection, Uploaded by Katie Pavlich

A group of Senate Republicans is warning of a deadly new drug on the block that is being brought over as a consequence of President Joe Biden’s open border policies. 


In a public service announcement video, the 13 Republicans are cautioning parents to double-check their children’s Halloween candy to look out for “rainbow fentanyl,” a drug that looks like candy or sidewalk chalk. 

“I come to you today not only as a U.S. senator but as a fellow American concerned about the health of our nation’s youth this Halloween…. particularly ahead of this Halloween, given the drug cartels have begun targeting young kids with rainbow fentanyl that looks identical to candy and sidewalk chalk,” Sen. Roger Marshall (R-Kan) said. 

In a public service announcement video, the Republicans tell Americans that the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has already seized the brightly-colored “rainbow” fentanyl pills from 18 U.S. states, saying that the drug cartels are making the pills look like candy in order to lure young children to take them. 

“The powerful drug cartels are coming after your kids, your neighbors, your students, your family members, and your friends. No one is sparred as fake pills laced with fentanyl are beginning to look like candy in an effort to lure young Americans,” Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn) says in the video. 


Meanwhile, Marshall called out the Biden administration for ignoring the issue plaguing the country. 

“Because of Joe Biden’s open border policies, illicit fentanyl is wreaking havoc in communities throughout the U.S. and killing Americans at record rates, such, every state is now a border state with more than 150 Americans dying each day from fentanyl poisoning,” Marshall said, adding “While this Administration continues to turn a blind eye to the crisis, we will continue to bring awareness and solutions.”

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