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SNL Goes Full-Blown Woke

AP Photo/Tribeca Film Festival

Once upon a time comedy was meant to make you laugh by poking fun at real life things. Things that may offend, and while most people laughed it off, it has become blasphemy to even consider talking about such things in today’s woke society. “Wokeness” has started to creep into the world by extreme Leftists, and real comedy has become a thing of the past. 


Saturday Night Live is a prime example, and if you thought it couldn’t get anymore woke, think again. 

The show added its first ever nonbinary cast member to the lineup who will make regular appearances every weekend. 

Actor Molly Kearney will join SNL for its 48th season, meaning it’s time to say goodbye to the show we once knew. 

Kearney rejects the gender “binary” and does not identify as a man nor a woman, but instead opts for gender-neutral pronouns instead. 

This comes after a mass exodus of actors who were longtime characters on the show left. Kate McKinnon, Pete Davidson, Aidy Bryant, and Kyle Mooney have all decided to move on, however it is unclear why they decided to go. 

From Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump to Jim Carey’s Joe Biden, almost every show has someone impersonating a political figure, usually aimed at bashing the Right. 

Former SNL cast member Rob Schneider, said the moment the show was over was when it went from “makin' copies" to “makin' judgments.”

“When Kate McKinnon went out there on ‘Saturday Night Live’ dressed as her and started singing ‘Hallelujah’ I literally prayed, please have a joke at the end. Don’t do this, please don’t go down there. There was no joke at the end and I went ‘it’s over.’ It’s over, it’s not going to come back. It’s gone,” Schneider said, referencing McKinnon’s Hilary Clinton impression, specifically the sketch aired as the cold open right after the 2016 election. 


Schneider said SNL and late-night talk shows are a “comedic indoctrination process,” with no “independent voices.” 

Additionally, comedian Dave Chappell warned that SNL would go even more woke. 

This came at a time when Tesla CEO and billionaire Elon Musk was set to host the show, however many of the cast members refused to be in scenes with him. 

“No-one can ever be woke enough,” Chappell said, adding that it was “puzzling” why Musk was snubbed. 

“They want someone to be 100 per cent compliant to whatever ideology they're a part of. And any deviation of that is problematic,” Chappell continued to say, unable to understand why no one wanted to be associated with Musk.

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