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Nicolas Datiche/Pool Photo via AP

As the midterm elections are coming up right around the corner, Americans say illegal immigration is very important to them when it comes time to decide who they will vote for in 2024. 


A Rasmussen Reports survey found that a majority 67 percent of Americans rate President Joe Biden’s handling of the crisis at the border (that he created) as either “fair” or “poor.” 

11 percent of voters say that Biden has done an “excellent” job with the border, which means they are clearly living under a rock since even Left-wing CNN admits that there are problems with illegal immigration.  

Over half of Americans, or 54 percent, agree that Biden’s border crisis is getting worse, and that the current administration has done nothing to intervene or help fix the situation. 

26 percent of Democrats also agree that it’s becoming an out-of-control problem. 

This comes as a new reports reveals that almost five million illegal migrants, including 900,000 “gotaways,” have entered the country undetected, have crossed the southern border into the U.S. since Biden has taken office. 


“Roughly the equivalent of the entire population of Ireland has illegally entered the United States in the 18 months President Biden has been in office, with many being released into American communities,” the president of FAIR Dan Stein said. 

Stein continued to condemn the Biden administration for blaming everything but themselves for the unprecedented surge in illegal crossings, claiming that Biden has quite literally sabotaged the U.S. 

“The endless flow of illegal aliens and the incursion of lethal narcotics pouring across our border will not end until this administration demonstrates a willingness to enforce our laws,” Stein said.

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