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Republicans Warn that Biden's Border Crisis Is the Worst in History

Julia Rosas/AP Photo

Republicans are desperately sounding the alarm on the dangers of President Joe Biden's open border policies, claiming that the southern border is the worst crisis in American history


According to a report from Senate Republicans, Biden has "undermined America's border security and the integrity of our immigration system at every turn," threatening the safety of law-abiding citizens. 

Prior to Title 42 ending, Republicans warned of the deadly implications it will have on the nation, and they were right. 

The southern border saw nearly 200,000 illegal migrants cross into the U.S. during the month of July alone, according to the CBP's monthly tracker of encounters at the U.S.-Mexico border. The 2021 Fiscal year saw 1.7 million illegal encounters at the border. That number has since spiked to more than two million encounters for the 2022 Fiscal year. 

2021's illegal encounters were record-breaking; however, that record has since been broken in just a matter of months. 

Yet, President Joe Biden continues to insist that the border is "closed." However, Americans aren't buying into his lies. 

A new poll conducted by left-wing media outlet NPR found that a whopping 54 percent of Americans believe Biden has purposely created the crisis at the border and is doing nothing to stop it. 


Seventy-six percent of Republicans and 40 percent of Democrats say that the president is allowing an "invasion" of the southern border. 

The poll suggested that although more Republicans deem the border to be in a place of turmoil, the word "invasion" has been embraced by a wide range of Americans from both parties. 

Several governors have taken matters into their own hands. Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) bussed thousands of illegal migrants who have entered his state to Washington, D.C., and New York City so that left-wing leaders, including Biden himself, can see what radical policies do to communities. 

Per NPR, U.S. Border Patrol agents have apprehended illegals more than 1.8 million times since October, setting an annual record. 

The poll also found that most Americans are blaming the open border for a sudden surge in deaths related to fentanyl. 

"It's true that fentanyl overdose deaths are up in recent years, and that much of the U.S. fentanyl supply is smuggled through the border," NPR acknowledged. However, they did their best to debunk those claims, blaming Republicans for "spreading" false information. 


Six out of 10 Republicans say that "most" fentanyl is smuggled into the U.S. by illegal migrants. 

According to the Department of Justice, fentanyl seizures at the border continue to spike, making it the epicenter for drug trafficking into the country. 

In a recent six-day period, CBP and Border Patrol intercepted four vehicles carrying fentanyl weighing between 100 and 250 pounds from July 13 to 18 at the southern border. According to the report, Mexican cartels are manufacturing fentanyl for distribution and sale in the United States, which has increased since Biden took office. 

"A decade ago, we didn't even know about fentanyl, and now it's a national crisis... the amount of fentanyl we are seizing at the border is staggering. The number of fentanyl seizures and fentanyl-related deaths in our district are unprecedented," U.S. Attorney Randy Grossman said. 

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