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Jeff Roberson/AP Photo

Squad member and Rep. Cori Bush (D-Mo), who is constantly pulling the race card every chance she gets, asserted that she hates white people and that the U.S. is under attack by them. 


In a tweet, the left-wing lawmaker said there is a growing “white supremacist movement” in not only her state of Missouri, but throughout the whole nation. 

“We’re facing threats from a growing far-right, white supremacist movement across Missouri and the country,” Bush tweet, adding “But I’ve seen the power we hold when we come together. We’ve proven it & we’ll never back down. There’s so much at stake. Let’s continue this work. Together.” 

Her post included a 30-second video aimed at attacking presumably white Republicans. 

The video can be heard saying that Bush was busy “protecting our Democracy” as the U.S. Capitol was “under attack” by “white supremacists,” and claiming that “far-right extremists” were after voting rights.


Earlier this year, Bush released spoke at a House Judiciary Committee Hearing on the “dangers of leaving Black voter suppression unaddressed.”

According to Bush, “white fear” and “white power” is a “crisis” that would disembark the fundamental and constitutional right to vote. 

Calling white people “pathetic” the squad member said that “white folks who have yet to welcome love and welcome anti-racism into your hearts,” are afraid that Black people will “dismantle the comfy white supremacy that many benefit from.”

Ironically, Bush is calling out white people for being so-called “racist,” yet that statement from her really couldn’t get much racist than that.

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