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Evan Vucci/AP Photo

The New York Times is detailing a very dismal picture of what President Joe Biden’s own party thinks of him. 

According to the left-leaning paper, Biden is struggling to “inspire” his supporters  and allies, claiming that Democrats find him to be too “passive” to be the leader of the country. 


Titled “Biden Promised to Stay Above the Fray, but Democrats Want a Fighter,” the New York Times blasted the president for flying to Ohio after a mass shooting and in the midst of an inflation crisis, while choosing to ignore speaking on neither of the topics. 

“Forty-eight hours after a horrific mass shooting on the Fourth of July, President Biden flew to Ohio…with inflation soaring and Democrats still fuming about the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, Mr. Biden’s public schedule included no events or announcements on either topic,” the piece opened with. 

The author gravely stated that Biden seemed detached from reality and appeared “far less engaged than many of his supporters had hoped.” 

The article then called out Biden for not being the president the Democrats had hoped he be, and frankly the kind of president America needs right now. 

“While many Democrats are pleading for a fighter who gives voice to their anger, Mr. Biden has chosen a more passive path — blaming Congress, urging people to vote and avoiding heated rhetorical battles,” the article read. 

Despite the many different views Republicans and Democrats have from one another, they both seem to agree that Biden’s handling of the country is a too-close of shot away from the U.S. combusting. 


However, the White House continues to tout how well Biden is doing. 

“Inside the White House, administration officials say Mr. Biden has been quick to respond to the country’s crises, even if he doesn’t get the credit they believe he deserves,” the article read, adding “few Democrats see the same kind of energy or passion from the president now.” 

According to the New York Times, Biden often blames his limited power as an excuse to not be able to handle big issues, frequently putting the responsibility on lawmakers. 

“Activists, elected leaders, and everyday Democratic voters say they are eager for Mr. Biden to push the legal limits,” the article said, adding that people are frustrated when Biden ends up “staying calm & barely responding when the crises in front of us are massive.” 

At the end of the piece, the author again called out Biden for blaming people and institutions for problems he caused while offering no solutions.

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