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Liberal Media Has Crying Tantrum Over SCOTUS Ruling

Ron Harris/AP Photo

Cue liberal media’s crying tantrum. 

Following the Supreme Court’s ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade, NBC grew hysterical over the “devastating” decision to allow states determine whether or not to allow abortions. 


Meet the Press host Chuck Todd insisted Friday’s ruling means the courts are “rigged,” particularly calling out President Trump for appointed a slew of conservative justices. 

“Oh, I think the Supreme Court -- there are no more black robes. I think the robes are red and blue.”

Todd continued to complain about how many conservatives are on the Supreme Court, saying that it “isn’t fair and square.” 

“It's been an aggressive, obviously political movement on the right in particular on judges, and if you look at these back-to-back rulings on guns and abortion,” Todd said, adding "it isn't really representative of the where the country is and even was, and I think that is only going to add to cynicism. It's only going to add to that."

Before closing off, Todd argued that it was safe to say that the trust in the court was now "eroded" and it would be viewed as "an extraordinarily partisan institution.” 


Meanwhile ABC’s News Journalists Terry Moran claimed that the Supreme Court being “legitimate” is now over, suggesting that the Court is not made up of judges, but of politicians in judges' robes.

“We are in a new era where the reaching for the center to keep the court's legitimacy in the eyes of the public to keep the debate going is over, and we have a very, very strongly activist conservative court,” Moran said. 

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