The Tables Have Turned: Dozens of Democrats Call to Increase Police Funding

Posted: Jun 23, 2022 6:30 PM
The Tables Have Turned: Dozens of Democrats Call to Increase Police Funding

Source: Jacquelyn Martin/AP Photo

Remember just a year ago when Democrats were pushing to de-fund the police? Well, hell must have frozen over, because they are now pushing to increase police funding. 

In a letter, more than three dozen House Democrats urged House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, James Clyburn (D-S.C.) and Steny Hoyer (D-MD) to increase funding for law enforcement amid rising crime in the U.S. 

They are seeking Pelosi to hold a vote on bipartisan legislation that would increase police department funding across the U.S., admitting that cutting funding will only weaken police, hurt the quality of work, push out good employees and “fuel a race to the bottom.” 

“That is why we have consistently advocated for commonsense, bipartisan legislation to increase investment in local police departments to boost the numbers, retention, training, and accountability of law enforcement officers on the beat,” the lawmakers wrote in the letter. 

The letter, first obtained by Punchbowl News, expresses the concerns regarding an effort to package police funding with fiscal 2023 appropriations, saying it’s clear the House Judiciary Committee has no intention of bringing law enforcement bills through the markup process.

Instead, they suggested their own string of bills the House leadership should instead consider. 

“We implore you to please use your power to bring these bills to the Floor for up or down votes, as you did recently with the Protecting Our Kids Act bill, so that every member can be on the record and their constituents can know where they stand,” the letter says. 

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Kevin McCullough

The left is eager to reverse course ahead of the midterms as their “de-fund the police” movement backfired greatly, causing one of the worst crime sprees in history. 

Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif) hit back at Democrats who want to push for funding the police as it’s apparent Americans are frustrated with their lack of leadership. 

“Now they want to distance themselves from their own soft-on-crime record and hope the American people don’t notice. This Congress, 219 House Democrats voted for a bill that would cost local police departments hundreds of millions of dollars,” McCarthy told the New York Post.