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Poll: Majority of Americans Condemn the Left's Radical Gender Ideology

AP Photo/ Patrick Semansky

It’s becoming more and more difficult these days to ignore the left’s radical agenda, and whether a child goes to school in a blue state or a red state, it can be almost certain they are being taught some form of gender ideology. 


According to a new poll by YouGov for Save, 63 percent of Americans oppose expanding the definition of sex to include "gender identity.” While 37 percent of people supported the idea of including “sex stereotypes, sex-related characteristics (including intersex traits), pregnancy or related conditions, sexual orientation, and gender identity” into the definition. 

Joe Biden’s Education Department’s actions are clear that it will withhold school funding if they don’t allow kids of one sex to use their “preferred” gender’s bathroom, locker rooms and sports team of their choice. For instance, recently Biden threatened to take away school’s lunch money if they refuse to adhere to the left’s trans agenda. 

The Biden administration’s Education and Justice Department held a training where school staff and federal grantees were taught the importance of pro-transgender policies and language. The main topic: “Confronting anti-LGBTQIA+ Harassment in Schools.” It views parents and anyone who doesn’t accept or understand the students “new gender” as abusers. 


A group that attended the training, called Gender Inclusive Biology, follows a “gendered language guide” that gives examples of “appropriate” things to say, such as instead of saying “men produce sperm” they claim it should be “testes produce sperm.” And instead of saying “women produce eggs,” they say it should be “ovaries produce eggs.” And if that couldn't get woke enough, the group also condemns referring to a “mother” giving birth, and instead claims it should be “when a fetus exits the womb.” 

Additionally, the poll found that 71 percent of parents do not agree that transgenders should participate in female sports and 61 percent believe parental consent is needed prior to the school counseling students on gender dysphoria.

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