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Poll: Majority of Americans in Favor of Teachers Being Armed

In the wake of the deadly Uvalde elementary school shooting, the heated topic of gun laws is once again a major forefront of people’s minds. Though a majority of Americans believe arming teaching will make schools more safe. 


A recent poll conducted by The Trafalgar Group, surveyed 1,091 general election voters and found that 57.5 percent of voters believe schools are somewhat or much more dangerous without teachers who carry a legal firearm and are properly trained Ito use it. This leaves just over a mere 30 percent who oppose it. 

While 67.5 percent of these voters are Republicans, almost half at 48.2 percent, are Democrats in favor of arming teachers. 

The poll also suggests that a younger age group of 18 to 24 year olds support the idea that teachers who have access to guns will be able to protect themselves and students. 

As violent crimes continues to sweep through the nation, it has become more common for Americans to view legal firearms as a "need." 

Convention of State’s Action President Mark Meckler told the Daily Wire that “no shooting at a school is going to be stopped by gun control laws. They are going to be stopped by a variety of fairly simple on-site measures, including arming law-abiding citizens — in this case, specifically teachers — and empowering them to protect our children, schools, and communities,” adding “a majority of voters see this clearly, despite the relentless propaganda by people who want to confiscate the guns of law-abiding citizens.”


Meckler continued to say that self-defense is the “bedrock of this Republic and our Constitution,” and that being able to defend people is the responsibility as a citizen. 

“So many deaths have been prevented by armed citizens so why would we question the voluntary training and arming of teachers to protect those we love and care for the most?”

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