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In the wake of the deadly Uvalde elementary school shooting, leftist media outlets were quick to use it as an opportunity to harass Republicans for their support of the Second Amendment. 


Multiple MSNBC hosts met those expectations. 

Dean Obeidallah wrote an opinion piece stating that “There is no constitutional right to own a gun,” blaming the GOP and the National Rifle Association for “working behind the scenes” to achieve the idea that Americans need guns. He continued to cite a 2014 Politico article titled “How The NRA Rewrote the Second Amendment.” 

Hilariously, Obeidallah claimed that “no federal court ever found 2nd Amendment created a PERSONAL constitutional right apart for being in a militia to own a gun.” He claimed that five Supreme Court Justices “invented” that in the D.C. vs. Heller case. 

To correct him however, the Second Amendment clearly states that the “right to bear arms is a right afforded to every American regardless of whether they are in a militia.” 


Meanwhile, Tiffany Cross the host of MSNBC’s Cross Connection said her guest Jasmine Crockett was “preaching to the choir” when she said “there is no need for an AR-15, period.” 

Not only did the women agree on the notion that “assault weapons need to be removed off of the streets,” but continued to advocate for “disarming police,” adding “America needs to abolish policing as we know it.” 

Unsurprisingly, before the segment ended, the ladies felt the need to add race into the mix, saying that police is often “terrorizing black and brown people.” 

The gunman of the Uvalde shooting is dead. If law enforcement walked into that building unarmed, more innocent people would have died than there already was. 


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