Sen. Ted Cruz Calls Out Google For Sending GOP Emails to Spam

Posted: May 20, 2022 6:30 PM
Sen. Ted Cruz Calls Out Google For Sending GOP Emails to Spam

Liberal media companies are notorious for censoring information that doesn’t fit their agenda, Google is no exception. 

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) called for a meeting with Google amid a recent study that found the company was unfairly filtering GOP lawmakers’ emails to be hidden in spam folders. 

After the meeting, Cruz told Politico  that the tech giant purposely ignored Republican senators’ questions regarding Gmail’s alleged suppression of conservative political candidates’ emails. 

“Google deflected, refused to provide any data, repeatedly refused to answer direct questions.” 

According to the study, Gmail marked 59.3 percent more emails from the right as spam than compared to left-leaning candidates. It also revealed that months leading up to the 2020 election, it exhibited political bias towards the two parties. 

In no surprise, the data confirms the political affiliation of the sender plays a major role in determining whether it will go to the spam folder or not. 

Among the executives who attended the meeting, Google Chief Legal Officer Kent Walker claimed there is no bias in how the company deals with spam. 

However, the study found there to be a noticeable political bias. 

“(Gmail) mark emails with similar features from the candidates of one political affiliation as spam while it does not mark similar emails from the candidates of the other political affiliation as spam.” 

Cruz alleges that this is a way to sway undecided voters to vote the way the liberal media wants them to vote. 

The data found that if an “undecided voter receives too many emails from one political party, there is a likelihood that they may get swayed towards that party.” 

This comes a month after The Republican National Committee, National Republican Congressional Committee and National Republican Senate Committee filed a joint complaint with the FEC about the tech giant’s algorithm.