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AP Photo/Charles Dharapak, File

The overly sensitive, gender-free, inclusive National Public Radio bashed the entire pro-life movement. 

Far left NPR correspondent Odette Yousef took the time to call out the pro-life movement as a “far right” cocktail of “Christian supremacism, secular male supremacism and white supremacism.”


In opening statements, the show’s anchor Adrian Florido claimed that Republican’s thoughts are viewed as “extreme ideologies.”  

“Overturning Roe v. Wade has long been thought of as the work of Christian conservatives, but other non-religious movements on the far right have also played an important part, and aspects of their extreme ideologies have found their way into the mainstream.” According to Florido, advocating to save a baby’s life is more “extreme” than protesting to kill it. 

While NPR prides itself on its mission to “hold the powerful accountable as we hold ourselves to the core principles of honesty, integrity, independence, accuracy, contextual truth, transparency, respect and fairness,” it sure does get on its hand and knees to worship at the altar the far left elites. 

During “All Things Considered,” which hilariously features so-called “experts” from the left to take things into account from both sides,  Yousef spoke to Alex DiBranco, the founder of the “Institute for Research on Male Supremacy.” 

Yes, you read that right, there's a whole team created to challenge male supremacism and misogyny, and the person who founded it is considered an expert. 

It gets better, the online headline read: “Supremacy movement unite over restriction of abortion, but for different reasons,” as NewsBusters' Tim Graham pointed out


“And she says we have to stop thinking about extremism in the anti-abortion context simply as violence. Instead, she says, we should be looking at the ideologies and movements that inspire that violence because they've pulled America's abortion debate to the extreme right. And you can hear that in the language used today,” Yousef explained. 

The show continued to explain that, “a far-right idea of demographic decline or of the great replacement in which Christian civilization or white people are being outnumbered by non-Christian and nonwhite people. And this is a fear that has been bubbling up in anti-abortion materials for a long time.”

In closing, Yousef pointed out that “anti-abortionists are extremists or that they're all extremists or white supremacists, but she says that anti-abortion messaging has tended to accommodate white nationalism and conspiratorial thinking.” 

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