Gender Transition Closets May Be Coming to a School Near You

Posted: May 12, 2022 3:30 PM
Gender Transition Closets May Be Coming to a School Near You

Radical activists, or as they would call themselves, teachers, have created “transition closets” so students can dress as the gender they identify with while at school. 

Unbeknown to their parents, kids can enter a “transition closet” and choose from a wide variety of clothes and accessories to correlate with their desired gender that day. They would change into their normal clothes before going home, so as to leave their parents in the dark, of course.

An unnamed teacher from an unnamed school posted a TikTok video, from a now suspended account, explaining his intentions of the so-called “safe spaces,” which is to basically indoctrinate and deceive young kids, while encouraging them to lie to their parents. 

In March, PJ Media reported about a transition closet at a Denver middle school. Even liberals can no longer ignore the disturbing turn things have taken. 

According to the Epoch Times, Thomas-Martin Edwards, a transgender California teacher, has posted videos, now removed, of himself walking around the classroom wearing high heels while touting the transition closets. 

And if you think that’s sick, a website called, includes a “start your own closet” kit for students, teachers and school administrators. 

The website also sells clothes, accessories and transgender workbooks. Additionally, it runs an online name change clinic. If you thought the website couldn’t go any further, it does. Near the bottom of the front page, it has photos of what minors look like after taking either testosterone or estrogen. 

According to Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, kids will die if the expression of gender identity is prohibited in classrooms. 

Democrats have been condoning this type of appalling behavior for years, though it wasn’t until recently that people have become more aware to such an extreme agenda. Strong leaders, though, such as Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) have remained steadfast in calling out and fighting back against such woke indoctrination, despite major backlash.