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Parents Voice Outrage Over NJ School’s Sex-Ed Standards

AP Photo/Mary Altaffer, File

A New Jersey school board stands firm in its decision to reject calls to re-asses its sex-education standards. 

Acting education commissioner, Angelica Allen Mcmillan, and the majority of state school board members defended a 2020 decision to include controversial topics in the state’s new sex education standards, such as gender identity and abortion. 


Earlier this week, three board members and the board vice president wrote a letter to Mcmillan asking her to remove the controversial language and raise the grade levels for sex-ed. 

To which Mcmillan responded by saying, “it’s not on the agenda…it won’t happen.”

She continued to say the “new standards will create a more inclusive community.” 

Currently kids as young as seven years old are being taught about their sexual orientation in explicit ways. 

It is worth noting however, that kids don’t usually become sexually aware until at least 12 years-old. 

Several parents described the decision as “disturbing” and appalling.”

Additionally, parents at the school claim the new standards is an attempt to “indoctrinate” kids with extreme views on sex. 

Meanwhile, commissioner director Thomas Arnone, said he strongly believes sensitive topics should be left to the parents. Citing that the new jersey bill of rights requires parents to be the ones to make their own decisions on their children’s exposure to sensitive material. 


This is just the latest round of woke leaders aiming to sexualize kids from a young age. 

Last summer, a British reporter suggested a entry-level porn course needs to be created for children. And if that wasn’t crazy enough, Indianapolis hosted a summer-long camp devoted to teaching kids about sex. 

One would think mass hysteria would come for these, and not the nation-wide outcry directed toward Florida governor Ron Desantis’s so-called “don’t say gay bill.” Which funny enough, doesn’t even use the term “gay.” 

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