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AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Another celebrity is giving his thoughts on a topic he would seemingly know nothing about, given he is a male. Although according to the liberals, anyone can bear a child. 


Comedy writer Alex Falcone took to his Twitter account to justify abortion in lieu of the leaked draft from the U.S. Supreme Court that looks to overturn Roe v. Wade. 


Falcone was confident enough to believe people don’t actually care about unborn fetuses who are miscarried, citing his own evidence that if it were true, people would have to go to thousands of funerals each year.  

But, contrary to Falcone's points, if we follow the science, a baby is created from the moment that conception takes place. At that moment, a new set of DNA is formed. In other words, at any point during pregnancy, whether it is week one or week 40, there is a living person involved. An unborn child's heartbeat begins to beat by about six weeks. 

Falcone felt he needed to further reiterate his appalling message. The next day, he doubled down calling religious people wackos and touting the fact his rant was popular. 

It did get onto people’s radar, though it wasn't because people agreed with him. Even pro-choice advocates called him out. 


Falcone is not the first elitist to give their unwanted, tone-deaf opinion on the matter. Singer Phoebe Bridgers touted the abortion she had while on tour, saying how “easy” it was, as she also encouraged people to donate to pro-abortion groups. To add insult to injury, Falcone made a similar move as Bridgers, as he doubled down, also claiming he would be donating to a pro-abortion group for every "dumb" response.

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