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AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Not only has Hunter Biden been in the news at length lately for his shady business ventures and plea deals, as well as a whole bunch of corruption, but for his dead beat parenting that has had him in court, though he's been dragging his feet from the very start. Last week a settlement deal was reportedly reached, with there being chatter from a New York Post piece that he wasn't going to let his 4-year-old daughter with Lunden Roberts use his last name. 


On Tuesday, reporting from the Daily Mail gave an even stronger indication that those are indeed the details of the settlement, as the outlet had learned on Monday that the two "submitted an agreed order to Independence County Circuit Court on Monday afternoon for Circuit Judge Holly Meyer to approve."

"Roberts is understood to have dropped her demand that daughter Navy change her surname to Biden, a request that had been rejected by Hunter's legal team," the report mentions. 

When it comes to filings that are so despicably tone deaf that they could only be affiliated with Hunter Biden himself, the Daily Mail mentions that he has opposed giving his daughter, Navy Joan, his last name. He claims to want a "peaceful existence" for her--more likely from her--so that she can be free of the political scandal and drama associated with his family, of which he is no doubt at the helm of. 

While that may indeed work out in the young girl's favor, it doesn't quite seem to be because Hunter Biden is doing this all from the goodness of his heart. Again, he dragged his feet the entire way, even denying the child was his, though a DNA test long ago proved that she was.


The Post also covered equally unbelievable statements from Hunter last December, when one of their reporters was invited to attend a Hunter Biden art show by the artist himself. "Biden declined to describe his pieces to The Post and instead inquired about the reporter and shook his hand--asking him to remember that he has a family when the paper writes about the first son," that report mentioned. 

His paintings range in price from $75,000 to $500,000. The buyers are not disclosed, which has led to ethics concerns, not to mention he can't very well be coming off as all that believable when he claims he has faced financial hardship.

As is also mentioned, Roberts' attorney, Clinton Lancaster, would not confirm the amount mentioned by the Post, which is that $20,000 monthly payments would be lowered to $5,000. The settlement remains confidential, and Hunter Biden looks to get away with one more public scandal as a result. 

No matter how desperate Hunter Biden may be to avoid legal drama with this case, mentioned as an aside by the Daily Mail is that he may still face jail time if Circuit Court Judge Holly Meyer rules a certain way. "Roberts petitioned circuit court judge Holly Meyer to toss Hunter in jail for six months for failing to come clean about his wealth. Meyer is yet to rule on the contempt accusation," the report mentions.


Then again, knowing what Hunter Biden can get away with, we wouldn't expect to face jail time for anything. It would be pretty rich though if it's for how he's treated his four-year-old daughter, a child not only denied by him, but by her grandparents. 

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