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WaPo's 'Fact Checker' Gets Wrecked Again for Misleading

Manuel Balce Ceneta

Update: Screenshots show Kessler's tweets with context messages from community notes, as highlighted by our friends at Twitchy. 

Earlier this week we highlighted how The Washington Post's Glenn Kessler got savaged over Twitter for his fact-check claiming that Republicans were making it too much of a big deal when it comes to Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg's association with George Soros. Mere days later, he's at it again, expressing outrage that members of the Trump family would dare to share reports that the judge in former and potentially future President Donald Trump's case, Juan Manuel Merchan, is an apparent 2020 Biden donor whose daughter once worked for Vice President Kamala Harris' presidential campaign.


Both Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr. had tweeted such reports, though only the tweet from the latter remains up, as of Wednesday morning. In addition to tweeting out a report from Breitbart, Donald Trump Jr. also retweeted those who shared a report from the Daily Mail.

According to Kessler, though, the Trump family members were sharing "totally irrelevant" that was "obviously intended to intimidate."

Mia also reported on the judge's connection, which looks to be a clear conflict of interest, citing Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings as well as screenshots of LinkedIn pages of his daughter, Loren, and details from the Breitbart report. 

Kessler was, once again, quickly savaged for his take. Mollie Hemingway, editor-in-chief at The Federalist, was quick to emphasize how it had not been a good week for the fact-checker. 


Our friends at Twitchy also highlighted some noteworthy replies pointing out just how ridiculous Kessler's concerns are that he doesn't facts that are relevant to the case against Trump to come out.

Donald Trump Jr. also retweeted other users taking issue with overreactions from Kessler and others.


Kessler, as it turns out though, is not the only member of the mainstream, leftist media to freak out, with examples coming from The Daily Beast and The Independent. CNN's John King called out the Trump family, as did Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), with the latter claiming over Twitter that this "threatening a judge's family" had something to do with Trump's innocence and that it amounted to "fascist movements."

Google looks like it is getting involved in the situation, as a Google search of the article title that Eric Trump had initially tweeted bears a message that "It looks like the results below are changing quickly." This has happened before, including to do with an ethics complaint filed against Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) for a campaign video announcing his Senate run.

Tweets from Tuesday night show screenshots of Kessler's tweets being slapped with context notes.


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