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More Damning Claims Come Out Against How Biden Family Is Treating Hunter's Daughter

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

It's not exactly news that Hunter Biden is a deadbeat. This isn't just to do with the potential legal troubles he's facing for his abandoned laptop, for which we will hopefully gain more insight on thanks to the upcoming House Republican investigations. It's also to do with the moral failings of how he has treated the four-year-old daughter he fathered with a stripper, Lunden Alexis Roberts. The more we hear about how the Biden family has treated Roberts and her daughter, the worse it gets, with recent reports coming from the Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette and the Daily Beast. 


Not only has Hunter Biden denied fathering the child (a paternity suit proved him wrong), he has also dragged his feet on paying child support, recently claiming late last year that he couldn't afford it after years of court proceedings. According to Daniel McFadin at the Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette, Roberts' attorney has filed a motion that looks to give their daughter the Biden family last name.

The filing from December 27 in the 16th Circuit Court in Independence County notes that the child would "benefit from carrying the Biden family name," and that the "Biden name is now synonymous with being well educated, successful, financially acute, and politically powerful." 

Also mentioned is how the Biden family remains "estranged from the child." This was recently evidenced with the child being snubbed from the White House stocking display, yet again. 

"To the extent this is misconduct or neglect, it can be rectified by changing her last name to Biden so that she may undeniably be known to the world as the child of the defendant and member of the prestigious Biden family," the filing goes on to mention. 

The filing further has to do with Hunter Biden's requests to adjust his child support payments, as well as discovery into his finances and income. 

As McFadin writes:


One filing, stating that Hunter Biden's motion should be denied, says he "has a long, and lengthy, history of attempting to avoid discovery by filing endless and recurrent motions for protective orders. Additionally, this case was finally resolved the first time when this court denied the defendant's motion for a protective order relating to discovery."

It asserts that Hunter Biden is "attempting to stifle discovery into his financial affairs while simultaneously reducing his child support obligation on the claim that he now earns less income."

Roberts has asked for a list of all of Hunter Biden's residences for the past 10 years and vehicles he's owned or driven for the last five years. Roberts is seeking to obtain evidence of the Biden's "well-established history of a lavish lifestyle.

"[Biden] objects and refuses to provide all the requested information. Instead, [Biden] seeks a protective order."

Roberts also requested information related to a federal investigation into Hunter Biden's "tax affairs."

"This information is relevant to determine if, as Federal authorities insinuated, the defendant failed to disclose all his income as this goes to earning capability and Mr. Biden's credibility."

Other requests by Roberts included those for information about: any financial benefits Hunter Biden or other family members receive as a result of Joe Biden's presidency; a California attorney named Kevin Morris who is alleged to have paid millions on Hunter Biden's behalf; information on any money paid to or by Hunter Biden's attorney, Brent Langdon; money paid to or by James Biden [President Biden's brother] and President Biden.

"The plaintiff is relegated to proving her case related to child support by documents," the filing said.

"Mr. Biden cannot pick and choose which documents he will disclose -- to do so is to limit the plaintiff to the blind faith of what the defendant said he made as income."


Not only has Biden been dragging his feet, he's also seeking a protective order, which is sealed. Roberts is requesting that it be unsealed, claiming it was "improperly sealed."

Over at the Daily Beast, Ellie Quinlan Houghtaling had more damning information to add to the saga. It's not just that the Biden family is seemingly pretending that the child doesn't exist. They may even be turning a blind eye to the danger she and her mother may face at the hands of Roberts' ex. 

"But the Biden family seemingly wants nothing to do with the child, striking her attendance from the 46th presidential inauguration and allegedly refusing to offer the mother-daughter pair security amid domestic violence threats from the elder Roberts’ ex," Houghtaling wrote.

As The New York Post covered last month, Hunter Biden approached and invited one of their reports to a Manhattan gallery to show off his pricey artwork. Again, this is the man who has claimed he can't pay child support. 

According to a report from Kyle Schnitzer and Allie Griffin, "Biden declined to describe his pieces to The Post and instead inquired about the reporter and shook his hand — asking him to remember that he has a family when the paper writes about the first son."

Perhaps Hunter Biden should start with himself when it comes to "rememebr[ing] that he has a family."


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