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NRCC Chairman Tom Emmer Has a Message for the 'Naysayers' on How GOP Supposedly Delivered

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) Chairman Tom Emmer (R-MN) had a rather interesting take when it comes to how his party performed on Tuesday night. This is amidst the disappointment for Republicans, given that there has been no red wave and how we're actually still waiting on it to even be confirmed Republicans have indeed taken back the House.


As Emily Brooks highlighted for The Hill, Emmer took something of a self-congratulatory tone in a post-midterm briefing on Wednesday. "For any of the naysayers, we’re happy to point out this is now the second straight cycle that House Republicans have picked up seats," he said. 

Emmer also sought to temper expectations. "No one ever said this thing was going to be easy. I always said that all I could guarantee was that we’re going to win the majority," he claimed, although that guarantee has not yet actually been fulfilled. 

"How wide and how deep the majority was going to be was totally up to the voters," he added, seemingly putting this on voters. Emmer also doubled down on his confidence that Republicans will indeed control the House as well. "At the end of the day, the bottom line is we flipped the House and we’re now going to be a check on Joe Biden, the Democrats’ one-party rule."

Brooks pointed out how Emmer declined to spread to specific issues or figures, namely former President Donald Trump, during the call. Emmer has in the past encouraged candidates not to distract themselves with Trump and also did not want him to get involved in primaries to oust pro-impeachment members. 


What he did say was that "We did deal with some unique challenges in different states. But I’m really proud of our team and the work we did to get these candidates across the finish line."

Despite there being no majority call yet, that hasn't stopped Republican leaders from jumping for positions once it's actually confirmed they're in that majority. 

Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), currently the minority leader, is running for Speaker of the House. Steve Scalise (R-LA), currently the minority whip, is supporting him, and is going for the majority leader position. Again, this is all contingent upon Republicans actually getting control of the House. 

Emmer, whom it fell upon to help elect Republicans to the House, has even confirmed he's running for the majority whip position, Brooks highlighted. Such is a potentially bold move given how Republicans certainly underperformed. As Townhall previously highlighted, Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN), who chairs the Republican Study Committee (RSC), and Rep. Drew Ferguson (R-GA), Scalise's deputy whip, are also running. 

Spencer shared his worthwhile thoughts about such takes from these Republican leaders in his Thursday morning column, as well as highlighted the need for accountability on Wednesday morning as well.


Emmer, at least though, won his seat. The same cannot be said for the chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), Sean Patrick Maloney. He conceded to Republican Mike Lawler on Wednesday morning, and Decision Desk HQ officially called the race later that day. This gives Maloney the distinction of being the first DCCC chairman to lose in the general since 1980.

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