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Top Democrats Certainly Commemorated Columbus Day in a Noteworthy Way

J. Scott Applewhite

On Monday, the United States celebrated the federal holiday of Columbus Day, though some woke towns and school districts have tried to rebrand it as Indigenous Peoples' Day instead of or alongside. The holiday is not merely about Christopher Columbus, though it certainly is, but about the contributions of other Italians like him. Even President Joe Biden acknowledged as much in his proclamation from Friday, October 7.


While Biden did issue such a proclamation as he did last year, alongside a proclamation for Indigenous Peoples' Day, that appears to be all he did. 

Neither of his Twitter accounts, nor the White House Twitter account, referenced the proclamations or the reason for the federal holiday. The accounts did however, tweet at length against Republicans ahead of the November midterms, which are now just over four weeks away.

So far on Monday, Biden's personal account has tweeted once, his presidential account has tweeted five times, and the White House has tweeted three times. Only one of those nine tweets were decisively non-political, with the White House tweeting about "World Mental Health Day," though even that tweet sought to promote the Biden-Harris administration. 

Vice President Kamala Harris' tweets were arguably even more noteworthy. Both her personal account and the vice presidential account tweeted only about Indigenous Peoples' Day, with her personal account retweeting her vice presidential one. She did not tweet on Friday about either proclamation, and neither did the White House or Biden's accounts. 

The DNC tweeted only about Indigenous Peoples' Day, and similarly only released a statement on that. Virtually every other press release from the DNC that day was about abortion or "MAGA Republicans." DNC Chairman Jaime Harrison did not tweet about the day's holiday. 


Most of the statement in question focused on mentioning the contributions of such a demographic, including specifically  first Native American Cabinet Secretary in Deb Haaland and first Native American U.S. Treasurer of the United States in Marilynn Malerba. 

The closing was particularly damning and inflammatory though:

We will never forget the brutalities endured and injustices inflicted upon Native communities. And while we can never erase the past atrocities that Native Americans have suffered, we will continue to stand and honor the dignity and sovereignty of the Indigenous community, and recommit ourselves to ensuring all people are treated equally with respect and compassion.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), who has earned the nickname of Fauxcahontas, also chose to tweet about Indigenous Peoples' Day on Monday. She did so from both her official and personal account, though the former got considerable more attention. 


The tweets were not well received. As our friends at Twitchy highlighted earlier on Monday, she was thoroughly mocked for it. "Pocahontas" was even trending on Monday in response.

In contrast, the RNC and Chariwoman Ronna McDaniel tweeted about Columbus Day on Monday, with the latter retweeting Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY), who serves as the chairwoman of the House Republican Conference. 

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