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Screenshot via Fox News

Fox News "Gutfeld!" has done particularly well in the ratings for a late-night comedy show on during the 11:00pm hour, even often knocking CBS News' "The Late Show With Stephen Colbert" out of its top spot. It actually made late-night history though in that it finished the month of August as the most watched late-night show in all of broadcast and cable. 


Mediaite's Kipp Jones highlighted how it "became the first non-broadcast network late-night show to defeat ABC, CBS and NBC for an entire month, as it was the most-watched program of its kind during the month of August."

"Gutfeld!" had similarly made news earlier in the month in that there was chatter about the program having scored its highest-rated week to date, beating out Colbert's show, all while doing so with what Mediaite's Alex Griffing highlighted involved "continuing to draw a surprisingly diverse audience."

The show averaged 2.19 million viewers for August, while "The Late Show When Stephen Colbert," which has been on air since 2017, came on second with an average of 2.15 viewers for the month. Writing for Fox News, Brian Flood noted how this is the first time the CBS News show hasn't finished first in the five and a half years it's been on the air. "Gutfeld!," meanwhile, only just premiered in April 2021. 

Gutfeld! averaged 2.19 million viewers for the month, edging out The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on CBS for the top spot. The Late Show finished a close second with an average of 2.15 viewers.

A press release from Fox News about the ratings highlighted not only the success from "Gutfeld!," which made it's way to the top of the press release, but also the network overall. Fox News Channel (FNC) finished the month as the third-most watched network in all of television for weekday primetime, behind only CBS and NBC. It's remained the number one network in cable news for primetime viewers for the 19th month in a row. 


The press release, citing ratings according to Nielsen Media Research, noted how "FNC remained cable’s highest-rated network in total day and primetime with total viewers and the top rated in total day with the 25-54 demo," which is the particularly coveted demographic. 

Of the top 100 cable news telecasts for the month, FNC 96 of them. 

Host Greg Gutfeld is also on "The Five," another top show for the network and all of cable news. He's also hosted "Red Eye" and "The Greg Gutfeld Show."

"#Gutfeld" has been trending on Twitter in reaction to such a milestone for the show, as fans congratulate the host and his program. 

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