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AP Photo/Charlie Neibergal

Last week, Congress passed the so-called "Inflation Reduction Act," which President Joe Biden signed into law on Tuesday. The bill narrowly passed with all Republicans voting against it and all Democrats voting in favor, including vulnerable Democrats seeking re-election or even higher office. 


One such Democrat, Rep. Tim Ryan, is challenging JD Vance for the open Senate seat currently held by Sen. Rob Portman, a Republican who is retiring at the end of this term. 

As Mia highlighted in her fact-check earlier on Wednesday, the president claimed during the signing ceremony that "the American people won," though the misnamed bill will actually raise taxes on middle-class Americans. Biden, who also repeated false claims that "no one earning less than $400,000 a year will pay a penny more in federal taxes," is not the only one to have broken a promise, though. 

The congressman's vote comes despite Ryan's several ads and media appearances talking about lowering taxes, as Houston Keene highlighted for Fox News on Tuesday. 

Overall, there have been at least six examples of the Senate candidate calling for tax cuts, including:

There have also been six examples in print media, including:


The congressman tweeted about a tax cut, even more so in recent months, from his personal and official accounts. 

Rep. Ryan specifically addressed his vote in a press release from his office last Friday. 

In his statement, the congressman shared, "I hear every day from Ohioans who are getting hammered by inflation, and it's why I've been fighting tooth and nail in Congress to immediately get relief out the door." He went on to claim that the misnamed bill "is a historic opportunity to bring down prices, reform our healthcare system, reduce our deficit and make historic investments in domestic energy production and manufacturing that will set our nation on the path to dominate the clean energy industry—all while not raising a penny in taxes on middle class Americans." 

Such a claim has been proven false by the nonpartisan Joint Committee on Taxation, which found that the legislation will raise taxes by approximately $17 billion on low- and middle-income American households. 

Rep. Ryan went on to double down on the false claim that the bill will help the middle class. "Best of all, this bill positions us to rebuild the great American middle class and finally create a level playing field for our workers to outcompete China. By lowering prescription drug and healthcare costs, creating good-paying jobs, and a securing a brighter future for our kids, this legislation is a major win for working people in Ohio and across the country. I look forward to seeing it signed into law," he said. 


Ryan having so much in common with the president on promises about tax cuts is something of an irony, considering that the congressman has tried to portray himself as an independent in multiple ads, especially in the "Neighborhood."

Vance responded at length to Ryan's vote on the bill on Friday, calling it "a boondoggle" from his Twitter account and warning that it "will put thousands of Ohio auto workers out of a job." His press account also released a statement warning voters that Rep. Ryan is hardly "moderate" or "working class" but rather a "total fraud." 

Vance also criticized Rep. Ryan and President Biden for another concern with the bill, referring to it as a "green energy tax-and-spend bill." In a tweet from his account, Vance referred to the bill in a similar way, as a "green new deal" that will serve as "little more than a handout to Chinese companies at the expense of Ohio workers." The Republican candidate also quipped, "I wish he'd stick to renaming post offices." 


Ryan's statement about the bill also claimed that it would "finally create a level playing field for our workers to outcompete China." 

On Monday, Vance brought up Ryan's own promises to not raise taxes on the middle class, which the Democrat has made into a campaign proposal. 

When it comes to Vance's chances against Ryan, prognosticators still favor the Republican. Cook Political Report says the seat is "Lean Republican," while Sabato's Crystal Ball regards it as "Likely Republican." Inside Elections even considers the race to be "Solid Republican." 

In one of his Townhall columns from last week, Kurt Schlichter reassured readers, "Don't Believe the Media Senate Psych-Out - We'll Win Big." He specifically mentions that "JD Vance has got this well in hand" and that we should "let the Dems keep dumping money in on this pipe dream. They might as well be setting it on fire. We're keeping the Ohio seat." 


Earlier on Wednesday, Guy also wrote that it is not time to panic when it comes to whether or not Republicans will gain back control of the U.S. Senate. Predictions range from it being a "Toss-Up" to "Lean Republican," with some Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media getting ahead of themselves in hoping that Democrats are favored to hold onto control of the chamber. 

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