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AP Photo/Seth Perlman, File

The reaction to the National Rifle Association hosting its conference in Houston, Texas continues to draw unhinged responses. Ethan Klein on Friday broadcast calls to violence during his "H3 After Dark" episode which he hosts with his wife, Hila Klein. They have nearly 3 million subscribers. 


The Blaze TV's Elijah Schaffer tweeted out a clip of Ethan Klein saying "someone should bomb that building" when it comes to where the NRA conference is being held. Hila Klein initially reacts with an "mhm," seemingly in agreement. 

It's important to mention that Klein walked back his remarks immediately, though he then went on to once more call for violence, even laughing and joking about it. 

The extended clip in question shows Ethan, in the same breath, saying "okay, I'll roll that back." His wife comments "everything but violence," though he is still heard laughing as they walk it back. A "technical difficulties" graphic appears.

When the show comes back, as he and Hila are laughing, Ethan admits "I got a little carried away there, nobody bomb the building, all right? I take that back, thank you. It's a--I took it a little too--I got a little passionate there, let's roll it back," as he continues to laugh. A sound effect of clapping can be heard being played. 

Hila and Ethan Klein also wished to express that they could go back in time. "Rewind time," says Ethan, still with laughter in his voice. "Let's protest that building," he goes on to say instead. "Let's bomb it with emotional protest," as they then discuss a "love bomb."


The clip in question still ends on a concerning note, before once more heading into "technical difficulties," as Ethan continues to laugh and joke about calls to violence. After hearing a suggestion of "let's kill them with kindness," he goes on to say "let's kill everyone in that f*cking building," as his wife nervously laughs and begs to end the show, with her husband once more calling for "let's bomb that f*cking..." before being cut off. This time, his expletive is bleeped out. 

Our friends at Twitchy picked up on the clip, as well as reactions to another account who shared it, the Willy Mac Show. 

These particular comments in question are bad enough, but in a report for The Post Millennial and via several tweets, Ashley St. Claire highlights how this is a pattern. Klein also called for violence against Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX), and for confrontations.

"More people need to be getting loud, more people need to be getting angry, getting in people’s f*cking faces," he also said. 


A separate clip, clearly from a separate podcast episode, shows Ethan sharing, as he appears quite unhinged, that he "thinks about that obsessively every night" when it comes to how imaging in bed how he will use his gun on his haters and dares them to "test" him. 

St. Claire also shared that she is waiting for comment from YouTube. 

Her tweets and retweets highlight an issue of one-sidedness from YouTube, as accounts have faced repercussions for far less worse, including when it comes to topics of gender. Such selective enforcement certainly points to a bias from the platform. 


As St. Claire mentioned in her article:

Klein’s video violates a number of YouTube’s community guideline policies, including hate speech against the disabled, incitement of violence, and harmful or dangerous content policies. 

Many YouTubers have been banned or demonetized for much less offensive violations of YouTube’s guidelines, but Klein has been accused of receiving special treatment from YouTube. His account received strikes for violating the platform's harassment policy in 2021, but he's received no significant, lasting consequences for his dangerous behavior.

"Ethan Klein" was trending over Twitter early on Sunday morning in reaction to his comments about how "someone should bomb that building" where the NRA conference was held. 

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