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Another Day, Another Bad Take From WaPo on Uvalde Shooting

AP Photo/Andrew Selsky, File

The Washington Post just keeps exposing itself for the terrible reporting that the outlet produces. The last week had been especially bad for them. Early on Tuesday, which seems ages ago now with all that's transpired this week, they got George Floyd's cause of death wrong. They then tried to humanize the Uvalde shooter on Wednesday. Our friends at Twitchy have picked up on how outlet on Friday published a report from Isaac Stanley-Becker with the hard-hitting news that "Maker of rifle in Texas massacre is deep-pocketed GOP donor."


The Washington Post tweeted a thread about the article in addition to Matea Gold, the national editor for the outlet. 

In his piece, Stanley-Becker reveals some not so stunning information about the Daniel Defense owners:

The owners of Daniel Defense, the manufacturer of the rifle apparently used in the massacre of 21 people at an elementary school in Uvalde, Tex., are deep-pocketed Republican donors, giving to candidates and committees at the federal and state level aligned against limits on access to assault rifles and other semiautomatic weapons.

The owners of the Georgia-based company have donated more than $70,000 directly to GOP candidates for federal office this election cycle, according to a review of filings with the Federal Election Commission. Daniel Defense itself gave $100,000 last year to a PAC backing incumbent Republican senators.


He names names as well when it comes to the people that owner Marvin C. Daniel and his wife, Cindy D. Daniel, dare to donate to, taking up four paragraphs to do so. Not surprisingly, nobody responded to a request for comment. 

A narrative of the piece is to leave the NRA off to the wayside and go attacking donors like the Daniels. "The spending by [the Daniels], illustrates the financial clout of the gun industry, even as political spending by the flagship National Rifle Association has declined in recent years," Stanley-Becker writes.

Recommended reading mentioned in this piece is "The NRA has weakened. But gun rights drive the GOP more than ever," a report from Thursday by Isaac Arnsdorf and Carol D. Leonnig. 

The Washington Post was not the only one to throw Daniel Defense under the bus.

During Thursday's press briefing, as our friends at RedState highlighted, Michael D. Shear with The New York Times brought up to White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre how Daniel Defense received a PPP loan during the Trump administration, and wanted to know if the Biden administration was making any effort to "claw that money back."


Jean-Pierre responded by asking for the name of the manufacturer, which the reporter provided, and said "we’ll get back to on that."

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