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NYPD Intensify Search for Suspect Who Allegedly Choked, Sexually Assaulted Jogger as Sex Crimes Skyrocket

AP Photo/Frank Franklin II

Police are intensifying their search for a suspect who on March 27 allegedly choked and sexually assaulted a 39-year-old woman who was jogging near Pier 40 in the 6th precinct's Hudson River Park after he rode up behind her on his bike. He also stole her cell phone, Haley Chi-Sing reported for Fox News. The attack took place exactly where you expected it to, in New York City. 


The city has recently faced particularly high rates of serious crimes, including murder, sex crimes, and hate crimes. They appear to be getting worse, too. 

Chi-Sing also included crime statistics from the NYPD for that 6th precinct from March 28-April 3 in her reporting. For instance, rape went up 200 percent in a 28-day period in comparison to 2021, while other sex crimes went up 400 percent in a 28-day period. 

When it comes to rape in New York City overall for March 2022 they were down 4.3 percent from March 2021, though February 2022 had seen an increase of 35.4 percent from March 2021. The overall crime index for March 2022 was up 36.5 percent from March 2021. The city had also seen a 189 percent increase in hate crimes from March 2022 compared to March 2021. This included a 409 percent increase in hate crimes against Jews and 125 percent increase in hate crimes against Asians. 

Last week's reporting from Rocco Parascandola for The New York Daily News on the statistics included statements from law enforcement blaming repeat offenders:

Repeat offenders help fuel rising violence and mayhem, police brass said at a news conference. More than 500 suspects have been arrested three times in 2022 on robbery, burglary or shoplifting charges, police said. 

Among those repeat offenders are 91 people arrested three or more times for burglary, said NYPD Chief of Crime Control Strategies Michael Lipetri. 

Another 64 suspects have been arrested at least three times this year in robberies, and 379 people have been arrested three times this year for shoplifting, police data show. 

“What we’re seeing obviously is recidivism,” said Lipetri. “But what we’re also seeing here is, less people incarcerated.” 

Many law enforcement officials have complained about what they see as lenient bail laws that put too many criminal suspects back on the streets instead of in jail as their cases make their way through the courts.


The crime rate in New York City is not helped by progressive DA Alvin Bragg, who just took office earlier this year, and has adopted a soft-on-crime policy. The city is also plagued by cashless bail, with suspects with long rap sheets being released back onto the streets to potentially offend again, as they often do. 


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