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Some of the Headlines About AOC Being in Florida Are As Ridiculous As You’d Expect

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

As Julio shared on Friday morning, squad member Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has been enjoying herself in Miami, Florida. For how much they hate on Florida, the Left sure does love going there. Perhaps even more ridiculous, though, is how The Independent and the New York Daily News make her trip about the conservative reaction to it. 


Andrew Naughtie framed his piece for The Independent to be about how "Desantis’s staff blast AOC over Miami vacation to shift focus from questions about governor’s absence," as he attacked Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) and his staff, mainly his press secretary, Christina Pushaw.

Pushaw has tweeted that DeSantis has been working at the state capitol, as Julio mentioned, which Naughtie failed to do so. Instead, Naughtie's reporting included tweets criticizing Pushaw and DeSantis.

Not surprisingly, the outlet has quite an affection for AOC. A separate piece from The Independent, this one by Eric Garcia, puts "The Squad," which AOC is part of, as one of its winners for 2021.

Writing for the New York Daily News, Shant Shahrigian focused on how "Conservatives are atwitter over AOC trip to Florida."

His brief piece referenced and referred to the Twitter trend of "#AOCLovesDeSantis" as a "childish hashtag," as if that doesn't apply to so many other trends. 


Desi Cuellar, who is running as a Republican to replace AOC, also took advantage of the trend to promote his campaign, with help from some others as well.


A particularly prolific user, who goes by "Jewish Deplorable," got his account suspended after helping the hashtag to trend, though. 

Shahrigian's piece fails to mention the surge of COVID cases in New York, which already has some of the strictest policies in place. Naughtie mentions it as an aside, though he mostly focuses on Florida. 

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