Obama Joins Democrats Spreading Lies About Georgia Voting Law

Posted: Jun 09, 2021 3:00 PM
Obama Joins Democrats Spreading Lies About Georgia Voting Law

Source: AP Photo/Larry Downing, Pool

Former President Barack Obama joined the chorus of Democrats who are spreading falsehoods about the newly-signed voting reform law in Georgia. The overhaul legislation signed by Governor Brian Kemp (R-GA) expands access to the ballot box via extended hours and early voting days, while also implementing voter identification requirements to crack down on potential for fraud. 

Democrat lawmakers and activists, including President Joe Biden, have flooded the airwaves with false claims about the law. Biden even earned 4-pinocchios from The Washington Post for his lies about the voting reforms. Obama said that the common-sense law is Republicans’ way of “rigging the game.”

He also encouraged corporations to “call out” such voting reforms, which has thus far costed Georgia over $1 million in lost revenue on account of corporate boycotts.

"I think the corporate community has a responsibility to at least call folks out on that. Because that transcends policy," the former president said. "This really has to do with the basic rules by which we have all agreed to keep this diverse and multiracial democracy functioning."

Kemp set the record straight, reminding the former president that the law he signed makes voting easier and cheating more difficult.

“Add former President Obama to the list of Democrats who are lying about our voting laws,” Kemp wrote on Twitter. “While they continue to push a false narrative that cost hardworking Georgians millions, I’m fighting for the truth: in GA, it’s easy to vote and hard to cheat.”

A majority of Georgia voters also supports the voting reform law, while voter identification requirements also remain popular.