McConnell Slams Corporations for Repeating 'Absurd Disinformation' on Georgia Voting Law

Posted: Apr 05, 2021 9:45 AM
McConnell Slams Corporations for Repeating 'Absurd Disinformation' on Georgia Voting Law

Source: AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) condemned the “disinformation campaign” being pushed by Democrats in opposition to the newly-signed voting reform law in Georgia. Multiple corporations based out of Georgia, including Delta Airlines and Coca-Cola, have announced plans to boycott the Peach State in protest of the election law. 

McConnell said that these corporations have fallen for a “coordinated campaign” intended to mislead Americans.

“We are witnessing a coordinated campaign by powerful and wealthy people to mislead and bully the American people. The President has claimed repeatedly that state-level debates over voting procedures are worse than Jim Crow or ‘Jim Crow on steroids.’ Nobody actually believes this. Nobody really thinks this current dispute comes anywhere near the horrific racist brutality of segregation. But there’s an old cynical saying that ‘history is just the set of lies agreed upon.’ And a host of powerful people and institutions apparently think they stand to benefit from parroting this big lie,” McConnell said in a statement.

The GOP leader added that these corporations take no issue with operating in blue states that have less access to voting than Georgia does.

“Wealthy corporations have no problem operating in New York, for example, which has fewer days of early voting than Georgia, requires excuses for absentee ballots, and restricts electioneering via refreshments. There is no consistent or factual standard being applied here. It’s just a fake narrative gaining speed by its own momentum. Our private sector must stop taking cues from the Outrage-Industrial Complex. Americans do not need or want big business to amplify disinformation or react to every manufactured controversy with frantic left-wing signaling,” McConnell continued. “Corporations will invite serious consequences if they become a vehicle for far-left mobs to hijack our country from outside the constitutional order.”

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp (R-GA) is unphased by the outrage-driven narrative about the common-sense reforms, including increased access to the ballot box, within the legislation he recently signed.