Vulnerable Dem Senator Slammed for Support of HR 1

Posted: Mar 30, 2021 12:00 PM
Vulnerable Dem Senator Slammed for Support of HR 1

Source: AP Photo/Alex Brandon

New Hampshire Senator Maggie Hassan (D) is receiving criticism for her support of the For the People Act, also known as Democrats’ legislative power-grab over federal elections. The bill would completely overhaul the current system and take power away from individual states, putting electoral jurisdiction in the hands of the federal government. 

Hassan, a vulnerable target of Republicans for her reelection in 2022, joined other Senate Democrats in advocating for the House-passed legislation, arguing that "corporate special interests" have no place in politics. In reality, the overhaul legislation would funnel taxpayer dollars to political campaigns. 

A prominent figure in New Hampshire, longtime Secretary of State Bill Gardner, slammed the legislation as a detriment to the power of the state’s constitution. 

“That bill takes away the constitution of the state. It takes away things that we can’t do under our constitution when it comes to elections and denies the people the right they have under their own state constitution,” Gardner said to New Hampshire’s WMUR9. “Federal law trumps the state constitution. And if you can trump the state constitution, you can trump a state law.”

Senate Leadership Fund (SLF), a prominent group working to elect a Republican majority in the upper chamber, took note of Hassan’s obedience to "DC party bosses" over her constituents. 

"New Hampshire deserves better than a Senator who would betray her own constituents to give DC party bosses even more power," SLF spokesperson Jack Pandol said in a release. "Where is Senator Hassan when New Hampshire needs her to stand up and fight back?" 

The radical legislation that passed the House on party lines is unlikely to clear the 60-vote threshold in the upper chamber.