Democrats Invoke Gender Card for Opposition to Biden's Nominees

Posted: Feb 24, 2021 9:50 AM
Democrats Invoke Gender Card for Opposition to Biden's Nominees

Source: AP Photo/Cliff Owen

A few of President Biden’s cabinet nominees are facing justified scrutiny as confirmations before the Senate are underway. In particular, Neera Tanden and Deb Haaland, nominated to serve as Director of the Office Management and Budget (OMB) and Secretary of Interior, respectively, are receiving bipartisan pushback. 

Democratic Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV), who is viewed as a key swing vote for Democrats, announced his firm opposition to Tanden’s nomination and has concerns about Haaland. Swing GOP votes including Sens. Mitt Romney (UT) and Susan Collins (ME) followed suit. As could be expected, some Democrats and woke Twitter users deemed the group of bipartisan senators’ opposition to Biden’s controversial nominees as sexist, on account of gender.

While Democrats invoke the gender card in attempt to excuse troubling views from two of Biden’s nominees, they turn a blind eye to opposition from Democrats to female nominees during the Trump administration.

Opposition from senators in both parties to Tanden and Haaland is based clearly upon ideology and past extreme rhetoric, not gender; once again, the woke crowd invokes the gender card only when convenient.