Even After Conceding His Senate Race, John James Continues to Deliver for Michigan

Posted: Dec 10, 2020 12:25 PM
Even After Conceding His Senate Race, John James Continues to Deliver for Michigan

Source: AP Photo/Paul Sancy

Former Michigan Senate candidate John James continues to give back to the people in his state, even after narrowly losing his bid for the upper chamber. During his campaign for a battleground Senate seat, James rolled out his “Nickel Promise” program, in which he committed to donating one nickel off of every dollar donated to his campaign to charitable organizations in Michigan. 

"Politicians in the 2020 cycle are going to be raising billions of dollars to convince people they care about their communities and not a nickel of it will go to help Michiganders," James said previously in a statement. "But I thought, ‘Why wait? Why not start doing good on Day One.'"

Thus far, James’ efforts have given over $1 million to various charitable causes and communities. 

Earlier this week, the former candidate announced that he gave $100,000 in campaign contributions to The Restaurant Workers’ Fund, which is maintained by the Michigan Restaurant and Lodging Association (MRLA). The organization provides financial support to restaurant workers laid off due to lockdowns. Restaurants in Michigan are barred from having in-person dining, per Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s overreaching edict. 

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As food banks nationwide struggle with a looming shortage, as COVID cases spike again, James is giving $160,000 to food banks in Michigan, his campaign said. Food insecurity is becoming increasingly worrisome in Michigan as families navigate COVID-related struggles. 

While most politicians make empty promises with regard to caring for their communities, in order to garner political favor, James continues to deliver for Michigan in big ways, even after conceding his race.