Watch: Sen. Perdue Ad Contrasts His 'Real Results' With 'Inexperienced' Ossoff

Posted: Sep 10, 2020 12:50 PM
Watch: Sen. Perdue Ad Contrasts His 'Real Results' With 'Inexperienced' Ossoff

Source: AP Photo/David Goldman, File

In one of the two heated Senate contests in Georgia, incumbent GOP Sen. David Perdue’s campaign put his record of “real results” side-by-side with Jon Ossoff’s "inexperience."

Perdue, a first-term senator with a 40-year business career, touts his experience creating jobs and solving problems, as the COVID-19 pandemic looms:

“A worldwide pandemic, a monumental effort to defeat it. Who can we trust? A privileged, inexperienced Jon Ossoff with a dangerous socialist agenda who's never created a single American job? Or David Perdue, a successful businessman with forty years of getting results? Creating thousands of American jobs. David Perdue spent his life solving complex problems, we need his experience now.”

Indeed, Ossoff is most famous for losing a 2017 special election with a record-breaking price tag, during which he lied about his legislative experience and inflated his national security credentials. The Georgia Republican's re-election campaign notes that Ossoff has "never created a single American job," while he praises radical, job-killing policies including Medicare for All and the Green New Deal, while opposing middle-class tax cuts:

"Jon Ossoff has never created a single American job, and his radical socialist agenda would weaken America's economic recovery and burden Georgia families with higher taxes," said Perdue for Senate campaign manager Ben Fry. "Senator Perdue has a 40-year record as a job creator and a political outsider. Georgians know they can trust him to get results."

Watch the full ad below: