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Flashback: Biden Says He 'Can't Wait' to Debate President Trump

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

With the first pre-scheduled presidential debate just over a month away, the logistics surrounding debates between President Trump and former Vice President Biden are causing controversy between the two campaigns. 

Many Democrats have advised Biden not to partake in traditional debates with the GOP incumbent, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi joined them on Thursday:

Speaker Pelosi said that instead of typical debates, individual candidates should “take their own stage,” rather than debate one another. 

Despite a Democratic push for Biden to not debate President Trump on a traditional stage, the newly-minted Democratic nominee for president previously said that he “can’t wait” to debate the president, on multiple occasions:

Presidential debates are a time honored tradition, and American voters deserve to see the pair of major-party candidates side-by-side. If Biden cannot handle a few debates with his GOP opponent, he has no business running to be the leader of the free world.

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