Jill Biden Promises That Biden Will Attend Debates

Posted: Aug 04, 2020 5:30 PM
Jill Biden Promises That Biden Will Attend Debates

Source: AP Photo/Chris Carlson

Former Second Lady Dr. Jill Biden vowed that her husband, presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden, will attend the three scheduled presidential debates. Dr. Biden told Fox News's Dana Perino that her husband will appear at the pre-scheduled debates to face-off against President Trump, as planned:

"Oh yes," Dr. Biden said. "He will. I think it's three debates that they decided on. Yeah. He'll be there."

Speculation is swirling about the possibility of scrapping debates, but the Trump campaign insists that the two contenders should face-off more than three times and at earlier dates, especially with early voting occurring:

"We want more debates, we want debates starting sooner," Trump 2020 campaign manager Bill Stepien said. 

Biden's campaign committed to three debates only, as decided by the nonpartisan commission on presidential debates, and accused the Trump campaign of "moving the goalposts."

"We've said yes to doing three debates and one vice presidential debate as has been laid out by the nonpartisan debate commission, a debate commission that's been around and every campaign has followed for generations," said Biden campaign advisor Karine Jean-Pierre said. "And that is what we have agreed to do. What's happening is Donald Trump and his campaign are trying to move the goalposts."

The three debates are scheduled for Sept. 29, Oct. 15, and Oct. 22, by the time voters in a handful of states will already be eligible to begin voting.