Rep. Andy Barr's Wife Passed Away Suddenly at Age 39

Posted: Jun 17, 2020 10:00 AM
Rep. Andy Barr's Wife Passed Away Suddenly at Age 39

Source: AP Photo/Timothy D. Easley, File

Update: Mrs. Barr died from a heart condition called the Floppy Valve Syndrome, an autopsy has revealed.

Update: The Congressman released a statement on the tragedy:

Original Post: Congressman Andy Barr’s wife, Carol Barr, passed away suddenly on Tuesday night, at the age of 39, in the family’s home in Kentucky, multiple outlets reported. While no details have been made public yet, Rep. Barr’s Chief of Staff asked that the family be afforded privacy during this difficult time:

“Congressman Andy Barr’s wife Carol passed away suddenly last night at the family home in Lexington. During this tragic time, we respectfully ask for privacy for Congressman Barr and his family to grieve Mrs. Barr being called home to heaven,” the statement said. “Congressman Barr may release a statement at a later date, but right now is solely focused on being a father to his two beautiful daughters.” 

Kentucky lawmakers offered their condolences to Rep. Barr and his family:

Editor's Note: This piece has been updated with additional information.