Biden Gaffe: Former VP Confuses Dates for D-Day, Pearl Harbor and Delaware's Independence

Posted: May 27, 2020 3:45 PM
Biden Gaffe: Former VP Confuses Dates for D-Day, Pearl Harbor and Delaware's Independence

Source: AP Photo/Tony Avelar

Presumed Democratic nominee for president Joe Biden swung and missed while attempting to showcase his knowledge on basic historical dates. In a conversation with Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf (D), the former vice president confused Delaware's declaration of independence from Pennsylvania with both D-Day and the attack on Pearl Harbor; the latter, of course, represents the historical anniversary of the Allied forces' invasion of northern France on the beaches of Normandy during World War II. 

While attempting to tout his up-to-date historical knowledge, Biden bragged to his friend from Pennsylvania that he was once known as Pennsylvania's "third senator" during his tenure representing Delaware in the United States Senate. This triggered Gov. Wolf's remark that Delaware was once under Pennsylvania's authority, before declaring independence, a date which Biden apparently did not brush up on. 

"But we declared our independence on Dec. 7 by the way, it's not just D-Day," the Democratic frontrunner told Gov. Wolf.

Delaware declared independence from Pennsylvania on June 15. The anniversary of Pearl Harbor, of course, is December 7, and D-Day is June 6.

The two-time vice president's style is built largely around his occasional "gaffes," but Biden's perpetual word salads and slip-ups are now a regular occurrence during appearances. Whether the former vice president is telling black voters who to vote for or confusing well-known historical dates, these "gaffes" should not instill confidence in voters in regard to Biden's mental sharpness.

Watch the former vice president's cringe-worthy slip-up below: