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Hillary Endorses Biden During Silence on Tara Reade's Claims

AP Photo/Richard Drew, File

Joe Biden hosted a “Virtual Women’s Town Hall” on Tuesday as the former vice president faces a wave of backlash on account of Tara Reade’s allegations of misconduct against him. The campaign announced the virtual town hall, featuring a “special guest,” just after substantial corroboration in Reade’s case became public.


As it turns out, the “special guest” appearing on Biden’s town hall geared towards women was none other than the Democrats’ 2016 presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton.

Given their years of friendship, and close work in the Obama administration, Clinton’s endorsement is not surprising. The timing on the part of Biden’s campaign, though, is curious; just as Tara Reade’s case becomes overwhelmingly credible, holding more substance than Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford’s case against Brett Kavanaugh, Clinton endorses the presumed nominee. Clinton’s favorability, outside of Democratic establishment circles, is underwhelming, to say the least. Biden already has the backing of Democratic establishment figures, and it is unclear what a public Clinton endorsement does for the former vice president electorally. The progressive faction of the Democratic Party, the voters that Biden needs to persuade the most, will not be excited about Clinton as a campaign surrogate.


Clearly, the Biden campaign hoped that Clinton’s endorsement would help curry favor with women who may be uneasy about Tara Reade’s claims, and the fact that Biden has not addressed them thus far. Putting Clinton to this task is curious, though, given her long history of covering for Democratic men who sexually abuse women, including but definitely not limited to her husband, President Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner and Harvey Weinstein. The two-time presidential candidate spent much of her husband’s presidency intimidating women who came forward with claims of misconduct against him, so Clinton’s credibility on championing this issue is virtually nonexistent. 


While she has spent much of her career covering for Democratic men who commit these heinous crimes, Clinton will jump at the opportunity to presume the guilt of a Conservative public servant:

Clinton’s enthusiasm for Biden confirms what Republicans have been saying for decades: the two-time presidential hopeful is no champion for women and will stop at nothing to score political points. A Clinton endorsement does not absolve Biden of Reade’s claims, and if he wants the support of America’s women, many of whom identify with Reade’s story personally, those voters deserve to hear Biden address the allegations directly.

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