Gov. Whitmer on Backlash in Michigan: 'Let's Not Get Overly Political'

Posted: Apr 17, 2020 10:35 AM
Gov. Whitmer on Backlash in Michigan: 'Let's Not Get Overly Political'

Source: AP Photo/Carlos Osorio

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI) recently emerged as a favorite of the cable news circuit, as she keeps intact a strict executive shelter-in-place order in her state during COVID-19. The order has been criticized as an unconstitutional overreach by Republicans and Democrats alike

In response to the backlash, Gov. Whitmer continues to double down on her order, and insists that protests against her executive action are “irresponsible:”

During an appearance on "Good Morning America" on Friday morning, Gov. Whitmer asked that people “not get overly political,” in response to a statewide protest, and sheriffs in Michigan refusing to enforce her far-reaching order:

These remarks come just two weeks after Gov. Whitmer infamously appeared on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, wearing a t-shirt that says “That woman from Michigan,” as a reference to President Trump addressing her by name:

Obviously, Gov. Whitmer used this appearance as an excuse to score political points as she eyes as a vice presidential tap.

Gov. Whitmer may be able to convince former vice president Joe Biden of her ability to govern, but her constituents evidently see right through her political games.

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