Exclusive: Sen. Perdue Obliterates Sen. Schumer's Attack on Supreme Court

Posted: Mar 05, 2020 2:15 PM
Exclusive: Sen. Perdue Obliterates Sen. Schumer's Attack on Supreme Court

Source: AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, File

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) attacked a fundamental institution Wednesday on the steps of the Supreme Court. Sen. Schumer directly threatened Associate Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh to a crowd of pro-abortion advocates. 

Sen. Schumer is facing a wave of backlash for his attack on the highest court in the land, and Senate Republicans have come out swinging against Sen. Schumer’s alarming rhetoric. In an exclusive to Townhall, Sen. David Perdue (R-GA) eviscerated Sen. Schumer’s hyper partisan attack on the Supreme Court:

“Minority Leader Chuck Schumer attacked the country's highest judicial body yesterday. Threatening two sitting Supreme Court justices is not only disgraceful, it is dangerous. This shows how far the radical left is willing to go to realize their socialist agenda. Schumer’s actions threaten the very balance of our three-branch government. It was irresponsible, inappropriate, and unacceptable. I hope the Senate will stand together and condemn this unacceptable behavior. Of course the Minority Leader should apologize, but I’m afraid his comments have already caused irreparable damage,” Sen. Perdue told Townhall in an email.

Sen. Perdue also plans to join Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) on his legislation calling for the censure of Minority Leader Schumer, alongside other GOP Senators:

The Georgia Republican Party followed suit, and demanded that Democratic Senate candidates in Georgia condemn Sen. Schumer's behavior:

Sen. Schumer took to the Senate floor to issue a weak, backhanded apology, admitting his poor word choice, after Majority Leader McConnell (R-KY) and Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) condemned his comments. Sen. Schumer pointed to “manufactured outrage” from Senate Republicans, but the real fake outrage is from Sen. Schumer and the pro-abortion advocates protesting the Louisiana law at hand. The law in question does not restrict abortion rights or place any barriers to entry for women seeking abortions. The law merely mandates that those performing abortions have admitting privileges to local hospitals; Louisiana’s law ensures that adequate care is given to women seeking abortions, and that those performing abortions are properly credentialed. 

Sen. Schumer’s vicious attack on sitting Supreme Court justices is part of a greater effort by the Left to undermine the court when their unconstitutional agenda is not implemented. Democrats praise the court when they favor the rulings from the bench, and attack the institution if they do not get their way. Make no mistake, if a Republican leader in the Senate attacked a left-wing Supreme Court Justice, Democrats would, rightfully, be outraged.