Bloomberg's Girlfriend on NDAs: 'Get Over It'

Posted: Feb 25, 2020 12:00 PM
Bloomberg's Girlfriend on NDAs: 'Get Over It'

Source: AP Photo/Rick Bowmer

Amidst his disruption of the Democratic primary, with a war chest of financial resources, former Mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg has been at the center of recent news cycles for a controversy surrounding his company. 

Mayor Bloomberg was confronted during last week’s debate about his company’s Non-disclosure agreements (NDA), with regard to potential sexual harassment allegations against Bloomberg employees. Bloomberg initially brushed off the idea of female employees being limited by NDAs after employment, but then released a statement admitting that at least 3 NDAs were signed by women who may have filed grievances against Bloomberg himself, and the former mayor has agreed to release the women from the NDAs if they so choose:

“I’ve had the company go back over its record and they’ve identified 3 NDAs that we signed over the past 30-plus years with women to address complaints about comments they said I had made. If any of them want to be released from their NDA so that they can talk about those allegations, they should contact the company and they’ll be given a release,” he said in a release.

The situation took a turn this morning, when former Mayor Bloomberg’s longtime girlfriend, Diana Taylor, outright dismissed any claims of misconduct, telling those speculating to “get over it:”

Bloomberg’s opponents, who are all at a financial disadvantage, will almost certainly bring this up at tonight’s debate in South Carolina.