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AP Photo/Elijah Nouvelage

Georgia’s Senate race has been at the center of the news cycle since Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) announced that he will challenge Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) for the seat in the state’s “jungle primary” in November. The GOP establishment has disavowed Collins’ decision, which many view as selfish and power-hungry; his bid puts the fate of the Senate seat at risk, as well as other races down-the-ballot in Georgia. 


Sen. Loeffler received a crucial pro-life endorsement from Susan B. Anthony’s List. SBA List is an advocacy organization that works to end abortion and elects pro-life lawmakers. From the organization's statement:

“We are proud to endorse Senator Kelly Loeffler for re-election. As a strong pro-life, pro-woman leader, her voice is needed in the Senate more than ever at this pivotal moment,” said SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser. “Kelly is committed to advancing legislation that stops painful late-term abortions after five months of pregnancy and confirming President Trump’s judges. During her first week in office, she co-sponsored three major pro-life bills that would stop late-term abortions, protect babies who survive abortions, and end the funneling of taxpayer dollars to the abortion industry. Sen. Loeffler will continue to be a formidable champion of unborn children and their mothers, and we greatly look forward to working together on these and other top pro-life priorities.”


This endorsement dispels the narrative that Sen. Loeffler is not a dedicated pro-life leader. The support of SBA List also puts an entire network of pro-life conservatives in Sen. Loeffler’s corner.

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