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Liz Cheney Torches Pelosi's SOTU Stunt

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was visibly unhappy throughout the entire duration of President Trump’s third State of the Union address Tuesday, even as the president touted irrefutable economic and national security wins for the American people. Once again, Speaker Pelosi prioritized her complete disdain for President Trump over the best interests of the American people. 


The Democratic leader sunk to a new low at the conclusion of the president’s address, by ripping up her paper copy of President Trump’s remarks:

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY)  had harsh words for Speaker Pelosi’s behavior, calling her “unfit for office:”

Rep. Cheney is spot-on in her criticisms of Speaker Pelosi’s behavior during the State of the Union. Speaker Pelosi is the leader of the lower chamber of Congress and the second in line to succeed the president, and she should behave as such. It is difficult to even imagine the lambasting that former Speakers Ryan or Boehner would have received from the Left if either had ever ripped up former President Obama's State of the Union address. But, Speaker Ryan nor Speaker Boehner would ever disrespect the president of the United States publicly, in such an attention-seeking manner, no less.


This juvenile, sore-loser stunt is the epitome of partisan behavior, and shows a grave disrespect for both the office of the president and the House chamber. Speaker Pelosi was under no obligation to invite President Trump to deliver the State of the Union by any Constitutional provision. Rather than behave so immaturely, Speaker Pelosi should have not invited President Trump to deliver the address. 

Speaker Pelosi believes that this immature public relations stunt, which excited the woke feminist crowd on Twitter, is a win for her, but the American people will see right through this behavior. There are correct and civil ways to disagree with ideological opponents, even the president of the United States. Ripping up the president's State of the Union remarks completely misses the mark.

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