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Iowa caucuses are less than a week away, and this race is still any candidate's to win. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) appears to have the advantage in the majority of national polling for Iowa; the RealClearPolitics average has Sen. Sanders at +3.6, with former Vice President Joe Biden holding the second spot. Current polls have either Sen. Sanders or VP Biden in the top spot.  


Sen. Elizabeth Warren's (D-MA) shining moment seems to have ended. She does not lead a single national poll at this point, and cannot seem to even break the top three spots in most early state polling. The latest round of Hill-HarrisX polling does not look good for Sen. Warren. The survey of 878 voters shows former Vice President Joe Biden in first place with a solid 29 percent, Sen. Sanders at second with 17 percent, and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg passing Sen. Warren for third place with 11 percent. This shows Bloomberg at a 7-point increase from the same poll earlier in January. 

From The Hill:

The survey, released Thursday, showed Bloomberg’s support ticking up 4 percentage points to 11 percent from from a Jan. 13-14 poll. Warren dropped 2 points, to 9 percent.

Other candidates registering in the single digits included former South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg, at 5 percent, and businessman Andrew Yang and billionaire Tom Steyer, who each received 4 percent. The rest of the White House hopefuls polled at 2 percent or less.

Warren has struggled to rebound nationally after peaking at 19 percent support in October.


There is a long road ahead to the Democratic Convention, but to have Michael Bloomberg, who is hardly campaigning in Iowa, in third place for next week's caucuses, in a reputable national poll, has to set off alarms in the Warren campaign. Sen. Warren, was considered by many to have potential to be the nominee.

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