Biden Pledges Commitment to Religious Freedom, Forgets Obama Contraception Scandal

Posted: Jan 30, 2020 10:30 AM
Biden Pledges Commitment to Religious Freedom, Forgets Obama Contraception Scandal

Source: AP Photo/Charles Krupa

Former Vice President Joe Biden committed to being a champion for religious freedom if elected to the presidency. 

In an attempted jab at President Trump, former Vice President Biden insisted that America needs a president dedicated to respecting religious freedom. The former VP is exactly right; religious freedom is a fundamental provision of the Constitution within the first amendment. Freedom of religion is just one piece of the first amendment which makes our guaranteed liberties so unique. 

Biden seems to forget that his own administration were destructive opponents of religious freedom. The landmark Affordable Care Act included a mandate for employers to provide contraception to female employees, with no exemptions for religious entities or moral objections. This mandate is blatantly unconstitutional, but the Obama Administration doubled down on this statute.

The Little Sisters of the Poor were just one group affected by this piece of the law, and challenged the Obama Administration on the constitutionality of the mandate, advocating not for its reversal, but for exemptions for religious entities. The Obama Administration had no sympathy or care for their own violation of the first amendment, and drug the Little Sisters of the Poor through the judicial system. After years of litigation, the Little Sisters of the Poor emerged victorious against the Obama Administration’s unconstitutional mandate.

President Trump rolled the mandate back October of 2017, allowing any employer to be protected under religious freedom exemptions. President Trump has been an unwavering champion of religious freedom on domestic and international levels. If VP Biden wants to be the Democrat respectful of religious freedom, he should find a way to explain why he turned a blind eye to his boss dragging a group of Catholic nuns through the judicial system.